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⚠️ Important Announcement ⚠️

Unfortunately, due to recent changes in TTS providers we rely on, I have made the decision for the Solrock service to shutdown.

Solrock will shutdown on October 1st, 2023.

Here are some similar services that may provide a similar experience to Solrock:

The open source repository will still be available at, and anyone is welcome to contribute or fork.

The documentation ( will be updated to include self hosting guides, if you'd like to continue using Solrock yourself.

Thank you so much to all 4500+ streamers that used Solrock, I didn't intend for this to get too big, obviously. But I'm glad I could provide this service for free to you all, as no other service has managed to give everything that Solrock gave, at a $0 price. and I'm glad about that.

If you want to still keep up with me, I'm building a new app right now:, check it out :D